“Rappuggling” Over The Edge for Special Olympics Nevada | October 10, 2014 at Planet Hollywood Casino

“Over the Edge” is a fundraiser for Special Olympics Nevada that takes place every year in Las Vegas.  After raising a minimum of $1000, fundraisers are given the opportunity to rappel down Planet Hollywood Casino – “over the edge” of the roof, and all the way down to the Las Vegas Strip.  It’s a wonderful rush, and it’s for a great cause of course!  All of the money raised at this event stays right here in Nevada, and goes to fund programming for athletes all year long.

I am thrilled to be participating in this wonderful event for the 3rd year in a row.  On October 10th, I will be going “over the edge” once again for Special Olympics Nevada, and this year I have an extra little surprise.

In 2012, I went over the edge like a “normal” person.

In 2013, I went over the edge on my unicycle.

This year, in 2014, I am attempting to rappel and juggle all the way down.  I am calling it “rappuggling” because that sounds completely ridiculous.

Click here to DONATE and follow the “Give Now” link.

Many of you know how important the special needs community is and has been to me since my very first public show my freshman year of high school for Don Guanella School, a home for developmentally disabled boys down the street from where I grew up outside Philadelphia.  I can trace my entire career, and more generally my love of performing, back to that show.  I feel fortunate that since then I’ve had numerous opportunities to give back to the special needs community in my own way – whether it’s joggling a marathon as part of Athletes for Special Kids, “Partying in the Pod” at The High Roller, or going “Over the Edge.”

I am encouraging everybody in Vegas to consider going “over the edge” this year  – especially my peers!  Surely every Headliner in Vegas has 100 fans / friends that would pledge $10.  Get involved in the community.  Get of your comfort zone.  Have some fun.  DO IT!  Learn more about Over the Edge for Special Olympics Nevada.

Click here to DONATE and follow the “Give Now” link.

Please donate even $5 or $10 if you are able, and spread the word on social!  #Rappuggle haha

With your help, we can shatter the $1000 donation benchmark.  Thank you so much for continuing to support me in all of the crazy things I’ve done over the years!!

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Las Vegas Weekly | “Confessions of a Juggler: On a Cruise Ship Without a Beanbag”

What a fun article in Las Vegas Weekly from Las Vegas superstar talent Maren Wade!  She recently spotlighted me in her column “Confessions of a Showgirl.”  This week it became “Confessions of a Juggler” – HA!  I got to share the experience of my first cruise ship gig ever.  Funny stuff, Maren – and so well written. You are so talented!  Thanks for the opportunity, and continued success with your column.

Maren writes:

Remember when I said, “the modern-day showgirl comes in many forms, shapes and sizes … In Vegas, they don’t even have to be women?” Today I’m going to bend the rules even further. I present to you: “Confessions of a Juggler.”

by Maren Wade

by Maren Wade

Every young adult comes to that crossroad where he decides what he wants to be in life. Some become lawyers, some become doctors and some become Jeff Civillico, one of the most successful jugglers in Las Vegas, brilliantly blending comedy and action in his appropriately titled show, Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action (at the Q Theater at the Quad at 4 p.m. every day except Tuesday and Friday). (How’s that for a shameless plug, Jeff?)

But it’s important to note, he didn’t start out that way…

Read the whole article in Las Vegas Weekly.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

On Friday, Las Vegas Morning Blend host Shawn Tempesta called me out on-air to do the #IceBucketChallenge benefiting ALS research in which you have to either donate $100 to ALS research, or dump a bucket of ice water over your head… or as Shawn suggested and I followed, do both.  I accepted his challenge, and did the deed on Sunday at my show at The Quad Resort & Casino.  Below is Shawn’s on-air challenge for context, followed by my response live on stage (starting at 1:35).  Thanks Shawn :)  Good fun for a good cause.  Check out the video – I think you’ll enjoy it.

Learn more about Pete Frates, the man who has athletes, news anchors, and celebrities all over the country dumping ice buckets on top of their heads for ALS research: http://www.wcvb.com/news/athletes-celebrities-take-ice-bucket-challenge-to-raise-awareness-of-als/27330794#!by9KZt

Part of the fun of the Ice Bucket Challenge is that you’re supposed to pass on the challenge to one or more people after you do it.  I am challenging the other 4pm show in Las Vegas – Murray Sawchuck, Nathan Burton, Adam London, Gregory Popovich, and Legends in Concert.  Let’s see what you got!!

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“Comic Juggler Jeff Civillico Comes Into His Own” | Mike Weatherford, Las Vegas Review Journal

WOW what an awesome writeup from Mike Weatherford in today’s Las Vegas Review Journal.  Thanks Mike!  Feeling pretty good right about now :))

“Jeff Civillico still does a one-man show, but he doesn’t seem quite as alone up there as he did two years ago.  What a difference two summers make in turning the comic juggler’s “Comedy in Action” into an afternoon show that’s now second only to Mac King’s.”

He goes on: “Even when he served up a minimal hour on a bare stage, you could tell the juggler had staying power… But the show seems more settled and substantial now.  While his host property is finally emerging from a long makeover — from the Imperial Palace to The Quad and soon, The Linq Hotel — Civillico built his act into a smart family attraction to sit next door to the new High Roller ride.”

Thanks Mike!!  Read the full article online: http://www.reviewjournal.com/columns-blogs/mike-weatherford/comic-juggler-jeff-civillico-comes-his-own

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Special Guest Shows by Mike Rayburn | August 13-14 at The Quad

With a resident Vegas show 5 days a week, there are times occasionally when unfortunately I cannot be there to perform myself because of other professional or personal obligations – an out-of-town corporate show, a friend’s wedding, etc.

It’s these times when I get to exercise another aspect of my role as “a Vegas guy,” and that is the role of presenter.  My home base venue at The Quad becomes a platform for other entertainers.  I have the opportunity to present other top-notch acts from all over the country that I believe my fan base will genuinely LOVE.  In the past I’ve been fortunate to present family-friendly acts including Tim Gabrielson, Justin Flom, Side Show Bert, and John Castro.

Next week I have the honor of tagging in another phenomenally talented friend in “the business.”  Mike Rayburn and I go waaaay back to the days of “Amazed,” the first show in Vegas I was ever a part of… The show that really started all of this madness for me!

Mike Rayburn

Mike Rayburn – Thought Leader, Keynote Artist, Entertainer

Mike will blow you away.  The word “amazing” gets thrown around a lot, but in this case I can assure you it’s 100% accurate – Mike is amazing on the guitar, but moreso he is hysterically funny and brilliantly creative.

As always when I present special guest shows– the artist is 100% family-friendly, and ALL tickets, coupons, comps for MY show will be honored on August 13th and 14th for MIKE’S show. 

If you’re in town August 13th or 14th, do yourself a favor and GO SEE MIKE!  I guarantee you will love him.   Get a sneak peak at MikeRayburn.com.

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Another “FREE Trip to Vegas” Winner Selected! 2014, 3rd Quarter Drawing

Friends – Don’t forget!  Once every 3 months I pick a recipient of my e-newsletter and I HOOK YOU UP!  I fly you and a +1 round-trip to Vegas, give you 2 nights stay on The Strip, a limo ride, and VIP tickets to my show… that’s my way of saying ‘thank you’ for keeping in touch, and for being a fan!

These quarterly drawings take place LIVE at my show in Vegas.  See the latest video below.

And congratulations to the winner!!



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“Party in the Pod” for Special Olympics Nevada a HUGE Success!

What a great event!!!  I was thrilled to be heavily involved with a wonderful fundraising event for Special Olympics Nevada called “Party in the Pod” that took place at The Linq on July 26th.  I’ll write more when I can, but for now – just check out these pictures!  Photos by Ira Kuzma.

“I can’t thank Jeff Civillico enough for all he did for Special Olympics Nevada with his key involvement in the first annual “Party in the Pod” event at The Linq.  From the marketing and promoting of the event, to the amazing show he delivered (as always!), to the genuine one-on-one interactions with athletes, staff, family and friends that day.  Thanks for all you do for the Las Vegas community, Jeff.  We all appreciate it.”

- Matthew Resler, Executive Director, Special Olympics Nevada

Special Event at The Linq

I really can’t help it…

press coverage at The Linq

Trying to sound intelligent… not working out too well.

Party in the Pod event

Athlete Quinn KILLING it on stage!


Executive Director Matt Resler & “Volunteer of the Year” Recipient Ruth Gray

The Quad

Pied in the face!  Moments before receiving a very special award from Special Olympics Nevada.

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Win-Win Entertainment Headliners Bash 2014 Kickoff Mixer

Calling all entertainment professionals in Las Vegas!!  If you’re a performer, producer, company manager, production manager, event planner, audio / visual technician, decor specialist, etc. etc. etc. Win-Win Entertainment needs YOU!  Join our full Board of Directors at Carmine’s in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace on August 26th, between 3:30-5:30pm to learn about who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved.

This event officially kicks off the planning of our 2014 Headliners Bash which will take place at The Linq Casino on November 21st.  Mark your calendars now!  Last year was an overwhelming success with a dozen headliners coming together on 1 stage to help raise over $40,000 for Win-Win Entertainment.  I can only imagine what this year will bring!


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“Party in the Pod” for Special Olympics Nevada | Saturday, July 19th at The Linq

The quick scoop – Special Olympics Nevada is holding a very cool event called “Party in the Pod” at The Linq next Saturday, July 19th from 1- 5:30pm.  The schedule for the day:

1:00 – 1:45pm red carpet viewing and photos

1:45 – 3:00pm High Roller meet and greet in pods

3:00 – 4:00pm open walk at The Linq

4:00pm – 5:30pm my show in The Q Theater at The Quad

There are various pod / show packages including… wait for it… “an exclusive pod experience with Las Vegas headliner and comedian Jeff Civillico.”  I can’t say exactly what will happen when we’re locked in that pod for 30 minutes towering above the Las Vegas Strip, but there may or may not be juggling lessons, special swag give-aways, and selfie contests (there will definitely be selfie contests).  I can assure you it’s gonna be a blast!!  The best part about this event??  The money raised on the 19th goes directly to athlete programs for the state of Nevada.  Prices are $75 for a general pod, $110 for my pod, and $2500 for a sponsorship of a pod.  All of these prices of course include a ticket to my 4pm show on the 19th as well. ***Special offer for my peeps – use the code POD for an extra $10 off!  Shh…

Props to Paul Shortino of “Raiding the Rock Vault” and singer Maren Wade for getting involved as well.  I urge my friends in the Las Vegas entertainment industry to get involved, even if it’s just coming to hang out at The Linq on the 19th, and to ride The High Roller with some of the athletes and Special Olympics Nevada team members.

So if you have not yet ridden The High Roller… (1) What the heck are you waiting for!?!?  (2) July 19th is the day to do it – when the money goes to a fantastic cause that directly benefits one of our state’s best nonprofits.  All the info regarding timing, pricing, etc. can be found at http://partyinthepod.com.

The back story– why is Special Olympics Nevada so important to me?

The first public show I ever performed (outside of my kitchen!) was in high school for a special needs school for developmentally disabled boys and men down the street from where I grew up outside Philadelphia.  I became friends with many of the students there, as well as the staff… particularly Don Guanella School’s President for 30+ years and beloved Philadelphian Bob Neely.  I had such a great experience performing at The Don Guanella School, that I kept performing there all through high school, college, and beyond… even since moving to Vegas.  I can really trace my current love for performing back to those initial shows when I had absolutely no idea what I was doing!

Jeff Civillico spinning plate

Tongue out, for style points

Since moving to Vegas a few years ago now, it’s been great to be able to continue to give back to the special needs community in my own way.  I absolutely love going “Over the Edge” for Special Olympics every October, rappelling down Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.  Last year I rode my unicycle off the casino: http://www.jeffcivillico.com/entertainer-journal/edge-special-olympics-nevada/  No idea how I’m going to top that this year!

So when Executive Director Matt Resler approached me about this event he was putting on at The Linq, and asked if I wanted to combine The High Roller ride with my 4pm show at The Quad, it was an absolute no-brainer!

Hope to see you on the 19th!  It really will be a fun day.  Again for more information, please visit: http://partyinthepod.com

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4th of July at The Linq

Amazing 4th of July celebration last night at The Linq!  I kicked things off with a performance and hosted the event outdoors at The Fountain Stage.  The Jubilee showgirls did a special performance as well.  The Nellis Air Force honor guard did a special presentation of the colors.  VP and GM of The Linq Jon Gray announced the transformation of The Quad Casino to The Linq, and the opening date October 30th.  The Clark County Commission Lawrence Weekly was there as well and spoke.  It was so fantastic to see The Linq so packed!



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New Scientist Article | “Learning To Juggle Grows Brain Networks For Good”

Interesting article about the effect of learning a new task, in this specific case juggling, on the development of your brain.  Thanks to my webmasters, Tammie and Blaine, for thinking of me and sharing!

Juggling boosts the connections between different parts of the brain by tweaking the architecture of the brain’s “white matter” – a finding that could lead to new therapies for people with brain injuries.

And my favorite excerpt:

The same transformation was seen in all the jugglers, regardless of how well they could perform. This suggests that it’s the learning process itself that is important for brain development, not how good you are.

I can remember as a kid trying to learn the more technical patterns (before I realized that people just want to laugh and be entertained!).  At times I could really feel myself stretching mentally to try to make the objects in front of me actually do what I could visualize them doing in my head.  I think my parents could see this too, from their constant support of juggling as a constructive hobby growing up, despite no background themselves in the sport / art.

Read the whole article in New Scientist.

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TV Spot | The Cooking Channel’s “Be My Guest”

The other day I filmed a spot for Robert Earl’s new TV show “Be My Guest,” set to air this Fall on The Cooking Channel.  Robert Earl is Founder and CEO of Planet Hollywood, and Chairman of the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino here in Las Vegas.  He owns an assortment of restaurants in addition to Planet Hollywood including Planet Dallies, Buca di Beppo, and Earl of Sandwich.  The TV show follows Robert around to all his different restaurants where he invites different guests to come join him for a meal, discuss the food, the ambiance, etc.  This episode was all about Chayo, Robert’s Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar at The Quad that opens out in to The Linq.

This was really special for me because Robert Earl in a sense gave me my start in Vegas, by allowing me to perform my dinner show upstairs in his Planet Hollywood (Restaurant) in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace 3 years ago now.  We talked about that on-camera, and I think it will turn into a really nice spot.  Thanks for everything, Robert!

I will of course share the air date when I know.  Whoo!

photo 1-1

Be My Guest with Robert Earl

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2-Year Anniversary Celebration at The Quad – Show Pics

Photographer Ira Kuzma was on-hand for the show, front and center, to snap some wonderful photos.  I especially love the GoPro pics– how cool are they!?!?  Thanks Ira!

Um... Yea...

Um… Yea.

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2-Year Anniversary Celebration at The Quad – Red Carpet Pics

Friends!  What a celebration it was on Saturday, marking 2-years at The Quad.  My favorite pic of the day is below– my Mom and Dad, and my manager’s family on the red carpet together!  I can’t believe that they all made the trip out here from Philadelphia and Los Angeles, respectively, to support me… just overwhelming.  That’s Mom and Dad (Nick and Francine), Jerry, Diana, Jack, Luke, and Dante.

Thanks to photographer Gabe Ginsberg for capturing these pre-show red carpet pics!

The Civillicos & The Longarzos

The Civillicos & The Longarzos

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Party in the Pod – July 19th | Special Olympics Nevada Event

I’m so excited to be at the center of a really cool fundraising event for Special Olympics Nevada happening this summer on July 19th, 2014 – Party in the Pod!  There are various packages below– please consider purchasing one to support Special Olympics.

SONV logo

Jeff Civillico Pod Package – $125 

You will enjoy this exclusive 30 minute Pod Experience with Las Vegas Headliner and Comedian, Jeff Civillico while taking in the breathtaking views of Las Vegas. You and our others guests in the Pod will see Las Vegas like you’ve never seen it before.  After your ride, stroll through The Linq, the hippest new district in Las Vegas, full of exciting shops and exquisite dining.  Then at 3:30 head over to the Quad Hotel and Casino and enjoy the 75 minute comedy show of your Pod Companion (and now good friend)  Jeff Civillico who will be putting on a special show just for our guests.

Party in the Pod and Show Package – $85

You’ll enjoy the red carpet viewing of celebrities and Special Olympics athletes. Then board your pod and enjoy the spectacular views of Las Vegas. After your ride, you too will enjoy the 75 minute special show of Las Vegas Headliner Jeff Civillico at the Quad Hotel and Casino.

Exclusive Pod Package – $3,000

The Pod is yours!  Fill it up with as many as 40 guests.  Great for company team building and client cultivation, or just a chance to catch up with good friends and family.  You and your guests will each receive a ticket to the see Jeff Civilico’s special comedy show that he is performing just for our guests.

For details and registration info, please visit: http://sonv.org/events/fundraising-events-calendar/party-pod

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