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Charity Entertainment | FBI Agents Association

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Win-Win is excited to make public it’s partnership with FBI Agents Association.Charity Entertainment

Founded in April 1981 the FBIAA was a response to the growing recognition that agents needed to joint together as a means to protect and advance the different interests of their profession. By September 18, 1981 the association was incorporated under the DC laws as a non-profit corporation. They continue to advocate for fair and due benefits those who work for the FBI should receive today.

Visit the FBIAA or Win-Win’s site for more information!

Clean Comedian… David DiMuzio!

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Clean comedian is not the only way to describe David DiMuzio. He is also a musician and professional juggler, a combination that Clean comedianmakes him unique in the world of entertainment. He often combines his two talents into one hilarious act that includes playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on a recorder – actually, on three recorders as he juggles them at the same time. Audiences love his comedy and skill as he impresses them with his diverse talents.

As the youngest headliner ever on multiple cruise lines, including Disney, Princess, and Royal Caribbean, David gained valuable experience that led to his success as a clean comedian and entertainer.

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Spotlight on…Clean Comedian and Ventriloquist Dan Horn!

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Clean comedian and ventriloquist Dan Horn is no stranger to the entertainment industry; he’s been captivating audiences for over 25 years.

What began as a childhood pastime turned into a life-long career that began in 1979. Dan was asked to create traffic safety presentations for schools in Arizona and soon after, a film version of his show was created. He was asked to write and star in other educational and health-related videos. The episode “Peer Pressure” in his series was nominated for a Rocky Mountain Emmy.Clean comedian

For 8 years Dan Horn was a cast member in “The Wallow & Ladmo Show,” which was popular among audiences of all ages. This allowed him to gain exposure and popularity as a clean comedian and ventriloquist.

Being a clean comedian distinguishes Dan from other ventriloquists; he has expressing the importance of amusing and not offending in a 2009 article in The News-Herald. Dan’s other credits include live performances at comedy clubs, casinos, college campuses, and much more. His act is great for all audiences and he has headlined at The Playboy Club, The Laugh Factory, and Igby’s, just to name a few. Cruise lines love having Dan perform and he has taken his act beyond national borders.

If you think ventriloquy can’t be funny, clean comedian Dan Horn will absolutely change your mind with his entertaining performances.

Charity Entertainment | S.A.F.E. House

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Win-Win Entertainment and S.A.F.E. House have joined forces!Charity Entertainment

Established in 1994 by a group of community leaders S.A.F.E. House works to put an end to all forms of domestic violence by providing advocacy groups, safe shelter, and group counseling. They have emergency contact numbers for those in immediate need of assitance to use at any time night or day.  They believe that “every woman, man and child has the right to live in a safe, nurturing and supportive family environment.”

To find out more about Win-Win Entertainment or S.A.F.E. House be sure to visit their sites!


Collin Foster | Corporate Event Entertainment

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Corporate Event Entertainment | Hailing from Okemos, Michigan Collin Foster began first performing at age 7. His career was bright from very early on and at the age of 16 he won his first statewide magic competition.  After graduating from high school he decided to move to Hawaii in order to get away from the cold.

Arriving in Hawaii Collin found himself selling aloha shirts and sandals, but after 18 months he got his first big break.  He was discovered by the number one night club in Hawaii, SPATS, at the Hyatt and was offered an indefinite residency as their premier magician.  After working for two years in the club he was eventually discovered by a Vegas show producer who contracted him for a new show developing at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino.  Perhaps his next move will be in corporate event entertainment.

Collin is more than open to being contracted out for Corporate Event Entertainment corporate event entertainment.  He brings a fast paced legitimate and original magic show to life in front of his audience.

The current climate for magicians is one where flashy illusions and big tricks take the main stage and popularity.  Collin can bring a refreshing new take on corporate event entertainment in that his tricks are pure slight of hand and they are done so up close that they truly do dazzle audiences.

To check out Collin Foster further or to hire him for your next corporate event entertainment occasion get in touch with him through his website!

Las Vegas Show – Sin City Comedy Club

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Las Vegas show Sin City Comedy Club:  While hybrid Las Vegas shows are not uncommon, the Sin City Comedy Club goes out on a tantalizing limb with its original take on the comedy experience, spicing up the funny with an exciting burlesque routine.Las Vegas Show

The Las Vegas show is the brainchild of veteran stand-up comedian and Emmy winning writer John Padon, previously known for his work on Comedy Central’s A List and Evening at the Improv and currently known for producing the only comedy routine that leaves its audiences in a definite state of arousal.

Evenings start off as host Penny Tha Prince displays his amazing knack for impressions, bringing Joe Pesci, Denzel Washington and other famous names to life with side-splitting commentary.  Hormones will then gather and multiply at an alarming rate as the Las Vegas show presents members of the elite Sin City Dollz entice and seduce during jaw-dropping dance routines.  Head dancer Dorimar flaunts her wicked appeal by transforming a typical coat rack into something much more, making it a point to get as close to the eager audience as possible.

A rotating cast of hilarious performers follows up with fresh new comedy every night, justifying the club’s recognition as the home for 2010’s Best Comedy Show.  The intimate setting and limited seating guarantee a great view of the stage and the talent, and gives the more exotic aspects of the Las Vegas show easy access to the entire crowd.  Find out why Sin City manages to satisfy on more levels than one, and provides those who lack full appreciation for the female form the leverage to explore the endless shopping opportunities in the immediate vicinity.

Check out this Las Vegas show next time you are in town!

Spotlight on… Clean Comedian Dana Daniels!

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Clean comedian and magician Dana Daniels never performs alone, which is what makes him so unique. He is always accompanied by a special friend – his psychic parrot Luigi.  With the help of his parrot, Dana is able to captivate audiences and wow them with his unbelievable magic tricks and clean comedy.

Dana Daniels is an award-winning clean comedian. The Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood named him  both “Comedy Magician of the Year” and “Stage Magician of the Year,” just to name a few of his many accolades.Clean comedian

Dana’s hilarious show entitled “The No Show” allows him to display his wide array of talents.  The story-line itself is entertaining – Dana plays the showroom janitor and nervously explains that none of the performers have turned up for the show. Dana is forced to cover for them, transforming into different characters for each act and amazes audiences with his sheer skill.

Dana has appeared on the CBS Morning Show, Lance Burton’s Guerrilla Magic, Thou Shalt Laugh 4, and other television shows and movies.  He is also a corporate entertainer and has performed for Honda, Chrysler, McDonald’s, Kodak, and Disney, among others.  He has successfully established himself as a respected magician and clean comedian – Dana was on the cover of Magic Magazine in 2006.

Clean comedian and magician Dana Daniels is the perfect entertainment to book for any corporate event, convention, or party!


Clean Comedian… David Sparrow!

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Clean comedian David Sparrow is known for a lot more than his comedy; he is also a writer, actor, singer, and corporate MC. He startedClean comedian acting in 1989 in his hometown of Toronto, Canada and has since made over 80 appearances in film and television. He has had the honor of working with famous actors and directors; his film credits include roles in Serendipity, Shall We Dance, Monk, CSI, The Hurricane.

As a clean comedian, David Sparrow is the perfect host for a corporate event. He has no trouble taking the professional MC route or going for a more comedic act with this ability to transform into different characters.

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Dale K | Corporate Event Entertainment

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Corporate event entertainment | Hypnosis has historically been one of the most inciting and mesmerizing forms of entertainment here in Las Vegas.  It was obvious that Dale K was destined for the stage from his youth where he seized every opportunity that was presented to him to perform in front of family, classmates, and teachers alike.  He commanded immediate attention from producers because of his uncanny ability to perform hypnosis at such a young age.  As his talents became further uncovered Dale was able to develop his own personal brand, one that abandoned the traditional stuffy tux and pocketwatch approach.

Dale K will help keep your audiences intrigued and alert during any corporate event entertainment occasion.

Dale K breaks down many stereotypes associated with Corporate Event Entertainmentthe art of hypnosis such as getting volunteers to enter zombie like trances and cluck across the stage believing they have taken on the form of a chicken.Instead Dale uses the idea that hypnosis is the ability to harness the power of suggestion and mind motivation. He prides himself on his clean and professional decorum, perfect for corporate event entertainment.

To see all that dale brings to the table for his corporate event entertainment gigs check out his website!

Chase Curtis | Corporate Event Entertainment

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Corporate Event Entertainment | Chase Curtis grew up in Burleson, Texas, the same home town of world famous singer Kelly Clarkson.  Chase started performing at an early age.  By age twelve he had already won two major competitions in close up and stage  magic respectively.  This accomplishment had only ever been matched twice before in the 50-year history of the Texas Association of Magicians.

His early victories got him noticed and earned him a spot on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” but Chase was not satisfied with these accomplishments and went on to seek greater honor.  He entered, and won, many other magic competitions across the country.  After earning more awards Chase acquired a new target.  “The Gold Cups” from the International Brotherhood of Magicians is one of magic’s highest honors and Chase wanted it.  The illusive cup had only been awarded a total of seven times since it’s inception in the 1960’s. After receiving second place three years in a row he finally succeeded in capturing it.  This early success should prove the commitment and enthusiasm with which he would bring to his corporate event entertainment occasions.

Corporate Event Entertainment can often be stuffyCorporate event entertainment and unexciting, however, what Chase Curtis brings to his gigs is an awe inspiring mixture of magic where he takes his dreams and materializes them in front of your eyes.

Have you ever been to a corporate event entrainment venue where a ferrari appears out of thin air?  I would put serious money on the answer being a convicted “no.”

Check out Chase’s website to find out about what he can bring to your next corporate event entertainment!

Spotlight on…Clean Comedian Chipper Lowell!

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Clean comedian and magician Chipper Lowell has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years.   His passion and talent for show business is in his blood – his mother was an aerialist and his father was a clown with Ringling Bros.   His act is a perfect blend of clean comedy, magic, juggling, and audience participation.   Chipper even offers a money back guarantee!   His enthusiasm and hilarious routine make him sure that audiences will enjoy the show.Clean comedian

Chipper Lowell is a clean comedian and magician who got his start performing at casinos and cruislines and quickly became popular as a corporate entertainer.

“The Chipper Lowell Experience” and “BLiNK! – Award-Winning Comedy, Magic & Illusion!”  are Chipper’s main two shows and are currently on tour.  His reputation as a clean comedian has landed him television gigs, including appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Good Morning L.A., The Disney Channel, and America’s Funniest People, among others.

Chipper is an award-winning entertainer having won the Merlin award for Comedy Magician of the Year –  twice!  He was rated one of the top funniest magicians by MAGIC Magazine and Tahoe Daily Tribune and Action Magazine named him “Specialty Act of the Year.”

Book clean comedian Chipper Lowell for your next corporate event or buy tickets to his show!