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Joshua Brooks

– Antoinette Montandon, Pillar of Light Youth

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“Thank you so much for acting as Master of Ceremonies and entertaining our group with your clean jokes and amazing juggling talent. We appreciate your support. You added energy and lots of fun to our special event. The youth LOVED meeting you! They think you are the COOLEST comedian they know. We wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you again!”

– Brittanny Kreutzer, FIVE STAR Booking Agent

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“You had the entire audience in stitches for the entire 20 minutes of your performance. I actually found it difficult to breathe at times I was laughing so hard! You are a true professional that blends physical comedy, with jokes, audience participation and excitement. The rush to book you after you performed was overwhelming! I can’t tell you how impressed I was by your performance. Not only were you amazing at our Showcase, but my client who booked you for their meeting shortly after the event had nothing but rave reviews. You are a superstar at what you do Jeff, but you make those who book you look like superstars as well! I truly believe you rank among some of the best talent on the circuit these days. Thanks for making me “look good,” and for making every one of your audiences leave with side aches from laughing so hard and smiles on their faces.”

– Sarah Whitten, Director of Marketing, FIVE STAR Speakers & Trainers

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“Jeff Civillico is 100% without a doubt laugh-out-loud hysterical. Not only did Jeff’s energy wake up the audience, but he was so engaging and so involved – there wasn’t a single person in the room not sitting at the edge of their seat laughing and having an absolute ball! The only bad thing about Jeff was for the speaker who had to follow him. Jeff is genuinely talented and extremely entertaining! I don’t say this very often, but Jeff is actually an entertainer that is “all-things for all-people”. He is universally funny & clean – no matter your age, occupation or gender – you will TRULY enjoy Jeff’s show! I am already looking forward to the next time I see Jeff on stage! BIG thanks to you Jeff Civillico! Laughing hard like that will make me live longer – so watching you is ultimately good for my health!”