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Hash House a Go Go Show & Dinner Combo

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One of the tastiest dining options center-Strip has got to be Hash House a Go Go, on the second floor of The Linq. The cuisine is called “twisted farm food,” which also translates as “plates as large as trampolines.”

I’ve partnered up with Hash House to offer our guests an incredible deal: 30% off their meal (including alcohol!) as long as they sit down between 3 and 5pm, Monday-Friday.

Please don't bring a plunger to dinner. That's weird.

Please don’t bring a plunger to dinner. That’s weird.

Now, that’s a deal!

Just print the ad above (click on the pic for a larger version) and present it at the restaurant with your “Comedy in Action” ticket stub, and they’ll lop 30% off your bill. Hash House is already a great value, but a 30% discount makes it even more irresistible.

Hash House was even nice enough to add the “including alcohol” part, so what’s not to love? It’s Las Vegas!

If you’re not familiar with Hash House a Go Go, this 30% discount offer means it’s a great time to check the place out! It’s been featured on shows like “Food Paradise,” “The Martha Stewart Show,” Rachael Ray’s “Rachael’s Vacation,” “Chefs vs. City,” and the Vegas location was even featured on “Man v. Food.”

Hash House a Go Go is a great place to bring the whole family after seeing my show! Kids love the big portions and the eye-popping presentations of the dishes.

Find out more about Hash House a Go Go at The Linq, and read more on Yelp, too.

The Vegas Voice features Jeff Civillico at June Jamboree

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The Vegas Voice features local performers at June Jamboree!!IMG_0050

The Palace station ballroom was filled to capacity with 300 people at this year’s first annual June Jamboree. People from around Vegas came to see a variety of acts, showcasing former showgirls, singers including the Phat Pack, a personal favorite and newcomer to town, and me :-) The performers were so popular that the Jamboree went an hour over schedule with continuing performances! It’s always fun to interact with a local crowd and introduce them to my special brand of comedy. A big thanks to The Vegas Voice for putting on this awesome event!!

The Vegas Voice is a local radio station and magazine

The radio station and print edition, delivered to our local seniors in communities around southern Nevada, highlights entertainment, lifestyle, travel, and much more!! Make sure you tune in to find out what they’re all about! There is talk of more frequent Jamborees being commissioned by The Vegas Voice, hope to be there to help out!!

Check out more The Vegas Voice events on their blog!


Las Vegas and Kids – Laser Quest

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Las Vegas and Kids: Sometimes kids just want to run around, and so do adults.

Laser Quest is a favorite among adults in Las Vegas and kids to let off some steam by playing a game of competitive laser tag. las vegas and kids

When visiting Las Vegas with kids sometimes it is a good idea to get off the Strip, and Laser Quest is a great option for an afternoon or night of fun. Adults in Las Vegas and kids alike will enjoy Laser Quest, which is a laser tag venue that allows users to choose nicknames and compete against one another for the best score. There are multiple locations across Las Vegas and kids are regular participants in the games. Often parents in Las Vegas and kids will together choose Laser Quest as a perfect place to host a birthday party. Birthday parties generally include two games for participants and access to a private party room in which to enjoy pizza and cake!

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Las Vegas and Kids – Madame Tussauds

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Las Vegas and Kids: People on vacation take a lot of pictures, whether there is an actual photo opportunity or not. Visiting Madame Tussauds wax museum makes taking pictures easy because the experience is filled with a multitude of photo opportunities.

Madame Tussauds wax museum is an activity that tourists visiting Las Vegas and kids can enjoy together! Las Vegas and Kids

Madame Tussauds is located on the Strip in Las Vegas and kids will be stunned at how life-like the wax figures of their favorite celebrities appear. Some of the favorite celebrities of Las Vegas and kids include Britney Spears, Eva Longoria, and Tiger Woods. These are just a few figures found inside the wax museum, and the full exhibit features everything from sports players to TV show stars.  Visitors to the Madame Tussauds location in Las Vegas and kids are allowed, and even encouraged, to take pictures with wax figures of celebrities. The wax museum is open daily, beginning at 10 am, so tourists, locals of Las Vegas and kids have no excuse for missing the exhibits.

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Las Vegas and Kids – Vegas ‘High Roller’ Wheel

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Las Vegas and Kids:  What is the Las Vegas Strip missing? A huge observation Ferris wheel of course :)  The city will be getting what has been dubbed the ‘High Roller.’

Tourists of Las Vegas and kids will love the new addition of the observation wheel to the Las Vegas Strip!Las Vegas and Kids

The plans for the observation wheel have just been approved by Clark County with an Amusement and Transportation System permit, meaning that the construction of the wheel can begin! The observation wheel will delight all of Las Vegas and kids at a height of 550-feet. Patrons will be able to see the dazzling lights of Las Vegas and kids will be able to tell their friends about something awesome they did on vacation. The High Roller will be modeled off the London Eye in that the cabin sits off the rim so people will be floating above the structure when riding the wheel. The wheel is not the only new feature in the works for Las Vegas and kids.


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Las Vegas and Kids – CSI: the Experience

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Las Vegas and Kids CSI: the Experience- The runaway success of the hit television series CSI and both of its spinoffs reflect our desire to continue engaging the mind with newer and bigger mysteries.  For those of you who have watched in fascination as Dr. Gilbert Grissom applied his brilliant mind to an endless sequence of seemingly unsolvable crimes, you now have the chance to assume the very same role.  “CSI: The Experience” has arrived in Las Vegas and kids can join their parents and get a rare hands-on glimpse of a possible future career path. Las Vegas and Kids

Aspiring crime scene investigators in Las Vegas and kids with big dreams can immerse themselves in the sleuthing process, choosing one of three crimes to solve and getting help along the way from videos featuring the most popular cast members of the show as well as actual forensic scientists.

Use the tools of the trade and identify your killer after examining evidence in 15 different laboratories and sifting through 15 suspicious characters with very strong motives.  It’s Las Vegas, and kids finally have a special chance to participate as equals, both in action and enthusiasm.

Once you work through the interactive laboratory tests, taking detailed notes along the way, you can compare your personal observations with a photographic summary of the available evidence.  Bring your conclusions to bear with a multiple choice session that lets you share your suspicions and then watch the mystery unfold in a video that reenacts the murder as it really happened.  When it’s all over, you’ll have your CSI diploma, a picture in a genuine CSI vest and a great sense of accomplishment for kids and Las Vegas’ best amateur crime fighters.

Be sure to check out this attraction and the many others, where Las Vegas and Kids can have fun together!

Kids and Las Vegas – Ethel M Chocolate Factory

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Kids and Las Vegas Ethel M Chocolate Factory: The greatest influences on human behavior include money, religion, politics, and of course, chocolate.  It’s the beautiful substance that launched 1000 candy bars and gave countless children plenty of energy to do their chores, even though most of them ended up screaming, running and jumping instead. Kids and Las Vegas

Were there to be a Fortress of Chocolate, it would be the epitome of awesomeness for kids and Las Vegas has the closest thing to such a structure in Ethel M Chocolates, a provider of delicious delights and home of the ultimate self-guided factory tour.

Kids and Las Vegas visitors will come to the realization that death by chocolate isn’t such a bad way to go as they’re able to take an up-close and personal look at the methods EMC uses to manufacture everyone’s favorite flavor of everything.  You’ll get to examine every inch of the factory that someone really, really cool built, learn how everything is created and, if you’re very lucky, get to watch the whole process unfold when the miracle machinery springs into action. Chocolate reigns supreme, even in Las Vegas and kids will thank you by sleeping the sugar off for an entire day or two.

Once you’ve had your brush with sugary greatness, the on-site Botanical Cactus Garden awaits, boasting an amazing four acres of drought-tolerant plants, cacti and other succulents, all of which are just as beautiful as they are painful to sit on.  15,000 cubic yards of sand, 400 tons of rock and 15,000 gallons of sweat (since evaporated) went into providing the breathtaking ambience, with a population of 300 species left behind to maintain a proper image.  Both the chocolate factory and the Gardens play host to a wide variety of public events in Las Vegas and kids as well as adults are invited to explore them and the wonderful beauty of Nevada mixed in deliciously with the infectious appeal of endless waves of your favorite confectionary.

Be sure to check out this attraction and the many others, where Kids and Las Vegas come together!

Las Vegas and Kids – Wet ‘n Wild

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Las Vegas and Kids: The community anticipates the open of Wet n’ Wild, an expansive water park.

Las Vegas and kids in the city are in for a big treat with the opening of Wet n’ Wild!Las Vegas and Kids

Locals of Las Vegas and kids who grew up in town have fond memories of the old Wet n’ Wild that was located on the Strip. The waterpark was closed in 2004 because the owners had planned to build a casino on its grounds. The new park will open in Summerlin, Las Vegas and kids will be able to avoid the chaos of the strip with this location. The park will be run by a different company, but maintain many of the same features that locals of Las Vegas and kids love. Management has plans to build a 41 acre park and will ideally open on Memorial Day. The park will have 25 slides and contain a one of a kind attraction of which details have not been disclosed.

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Kids and Las Vegas – Floyd Lamb Park

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Kids and Las Vegas Floyd Lamb Park: Who would have thought?  Nevada may be known for its sprawling and often beautiful desert landscapes, as well as an abundance of exotic species of palm, but its diversity is pleasantly surprising given the lovely features of Floyd Lamb Park in northwest Vegas.Kids and Las Vegas

For kids and Las Vegas nature lovers, the opportunity to walk among cottonwood trees and fragrant grass lawns dotted with ponds and tiny lakes is a rare one.  The 2,040 acre park has a splendid view of the Spring and Sheep Mountain ranges and is largely unique to Vegas’ pronounced urban experience.

The park’s historical significance in Las Vegas and kids’ willingness to soak up every new fact under the sun make it an ideal destination for families with an affinity for a lively learning experience.  Uncovering the mysteries of Tule Springs Ranch makes for one of many highlights, being a watering hole for large prehistoric mammals, and littered with fossilized remains of bison, horses, camels, mammoths and many other creatures.  Following history along the way were Indians, traveling prospectors, and eventually Jacob Goumond, who bought the land and developed it into a ranch for intended divorcees to wait out their required residencies before filing their papers.  The facility became a haven for separated movie stars waiting out the last days of marriage and tangible reminders of past events still remain for kids and Las Vegas residents to explore in the form of an abundance of surviving structures.

Floyd Lamb Park accommodates its visitors with beautiful picnic areas and barbecues, volleyball and horseshoes, and miles of scenic paths running through the most notable locales.  Carry a fishing license and you can sit in blissful peace, bringing up some fresh rainbow trout you just might find yourself eating a mere hour later.  The park’s peaceful beauty and fascinating history enrich Las Vegas and kids can look forward to cultivating a broader understanding of their roots.

Be sure to check out this attraction and the many others, where Kids and Las Vegas can have fun together!

Kids and Las Vegas – The Grand Canyon

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Kids and Las Vegas The Grand Canyon : About the only thing more amazing than the number of legitimately fantastic ways you can tour the Grand Canyon is the Canyon itself.  Choosing the method of experience is an integral part of the excitement.  Kids and Las Vegas sightseers could be rafting down the Colorado River, soaring in a plane over a dozen famous landmarks, peering out the windows of a helicopter skirting the majestic North and South Rims or taking the traditional but no less beautiful motorcoach tour.  Explorers who wish to take full advantage of the opportunity have the option of landing at the El Dorado Canyon Ranch, stepping foot on the very bottom of the Canyon floor, or traversing the magnificent Skywalk, a marvelous glass bridge raised 4,000 feet from the lower depths.Kids and Las Vegas

Many local kids and Las Vegas geography buffs will already be aware of the epic and inspirational scale of the Canyon’s dimensions, which span a length of 277 river miles, a breadth of up to 18 miles and staggering depths that can reach down an entire mile.

Its archaeological significance is often overlooked in favor of its visual splendor, but 12,000 years of human history are well represented and thousands of rich historical resources have been and continue to be discovered.  The Grand Canyon is the ultimate natural phenomenon to share with your nature-loving kids and Las Vegas is hard-pressed to challenge the collective beauty and emotional impact of its long existence.

The most valuable thought for kids and Las Vegas visitors to bear in mind is that visits need not be limited to the priceless moments spent gliding through the air or traveling the awesome Colorado River.  The area is abundantly occupied by lodging facilities and campgrounds, restaurants, hiking trails, visitor centers and a complete system of support for those who would use the powerful presence of the Canyon to create a days long experience that taps into a sense of wonder that is far too often neglected.

Be sure to check out this attraction and the many others, where Kids and Las Vegas can play together!

Kids and Las Vegas – Lake Mead

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Kids and Las Vegas Lake Mead : Judging by maximum water capacity, Colorado River’s Lake Mead is the United States’ largest reservoir, extending 112 miles past the back end of the Hoover Dam and holding a staggering 26,134,000 acre feet of water.  The Lake lies at the junction of the Mojave, Great Basin and Sonoran desert ecosystems and acts as caretaker and nourisher for thousands of animals and desert plants.  The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is a paradise for kids and Las Vegas nature-lovers, accommodating visitors with a diverse range of activities including hiking, fishing, boating, cycling, picnicking and sightseeing.  Overnight campers have the special privilege of pitching a tent under the peacefully alluring skies of the Mohave Desert.Kids and Las Vegas

The Lake Mead area was once the home of early Indian cultures, pioneers and explorers, and kids and Las Vegas archaeology buffs will find their adventures supplemented greatly by an environment that’s seen the passing of almost 10,000 years of human history.

Anyone with a passion for learning will find the ranger-led education programs to be strong core material for the expansion of natural and cultural awareness, and the further study of scientific and social philosophies.  For kids and Las Vegas teachers, the community outreach efforts by Park faculty through various school systems has played an integral role in developing a broad range of positive and informative environmental messages.

The exposed geography of the Mohave Desert is as surprising as it is stunning in its beauty, and deep reflections on the thriving co-existence of the water and the sand, and the mountains and the canyons come easily, and just might remain curiously relevant.  A surprising abundance of birds, fish and mammals are ever present, and more so at night, having bridged the gap between survival and prosperity.  Kids and Las Vegas students are welcome to become certified and badged as Junior Rangers, joining an all-inclusive community of awareness, respect and profound beauty that represents Vegas’ surprising diversity to excellent effect.

Be sure to check out this attraction and the many others, where Kids and Las Vegas can have fun together!

Kids and Las Vegas – Madame Tussaud’s

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Kids and Las Vegas Madame Tussaud’s : A good wax museum can bring out a curious combination of emotions, presenting an impressively lifelike collection of sculptures coupled with the creepy feeling that they’re really not there.  One could say the best figures are almost echoes of the people they represent, caught as a photograph but with the added third dimension.Kids and Las Vegas

For kids and Las Vegas adventures that are ready to try something just a little bit different, “Madame Tussaud’s Interactive Wax Museum” delivers in the form of ultra-realistic hi-tech wax models of your favorite stars and celebrities.

Some of the best moments come when unfamiliar celebrities turn out to be actual patrons and you realize your ability to discern reality from fantasy has become delightfully skewered.  It’s by far the best museum of its kind in Las Vegas and kids will find the interactive elements to be as entertaining as they are distinguishing.  Tourists can actually touch the wax figurines, pose with them for pictures and get seriously creative if they have the mind for it.  Kids and Las Vegas visitors can bed Hugh Hefner (mostly), share the court with Shaquille O’Neal, sing next to Elvis Presley and grab a handful of J-Lo’s superior posterior.

The museum houses an abundance of clever theme rooms, playing up the “Spirit of America” with nearly living representations of Lincoln, JFK and Jackie, the Apollo 11 astronauts and many more, in classic and brilliantly designed environments.  Other rooms feature famous Vegas entertainers, Rock n’ Roll superstars and NASCAR champions.  Everything is much better for the fact that kids and Las Vegas’ most mischievous adults will find the tour is limited in fun only by your ability to create it.  Whether you’re giving a former president the bird, strangling one of the Beatles or simply content to walk through an amazing display of wax art and American history, Madame Tussaud is at the ready to accommodate a limitless range of visitor expectations.

Be sure to check out this attraction and the many others, where Kids and Las Vegas can have fun together!

Kids and Las Vegas – M&M’s World

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Kids and Las Vegas M&M’s World : M&M’s World celebrates over 70 years of tiny, button-shaped goodness that’s managed to develop a mutual agreement of deliciousness in over 100 countries circling the globe.  The 28,000 square-foot confectionary cathedral is far more than an overenthusiastic candy store, delivering all things M&M in the form of over 7,000 souvenirs, gifts and ingestible pleasantries.  M&M’s World is located at the Showcase Mall, adjacent to the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas and kids deeply involved with candy-culture will find the fondest of their trivial wishes and las vegas

The unique themes presented on each of M&M World’s four floors make the journey through the shoppe one of growing curiosity, leaving the “been there, done that” ideal at the door and kids and Las Vegas families eager to fully complete their explorations.

The main floor floods the imagination with an incredibly creative and diverse array of souvenirs, some of which involve an extra personal element, such as the kiosk that lets kids and Las Vegas chocoholics grab a customized photo ID tag.  The second floor’s walls are splashed with the colors of the rainbow, M&M-style, featuring a brilliant fusion of all 22 available colors, including direct-order variants like teal, grey and purple.  This is where the sugar cravings are alleviated, as the floor is stocked with fully accessible candy dispensers as well as a very clever line of t-shirts.  “You Wanna Piece of Me?”

Things get even better on floor number three, where the “My M&M’s” feature allows your company of candy collectors to completely customize the color and content of each piece of chocolate.  Put your name on them; add a special message or a simple and straightforward “Eat me please.”  Kids and Vegas movie-goers should also watch the interactive 3-D film “I Left My M in Vegas,” before leaving for the final floor, which features a close-up look at M&M’s Toyota Camry race car, an abundance of race-themed M&M merchandise and more glorious candy dispensers.  In all, M&M World is equally suitable for children and for adults who still have room for the child inside.

Be sure to check out this attraction and the may others, where Kids and Las Vegas can have fun together!