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Corporate Event Entertainment Spotlight On…Don Friesen

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Corporate Event Entertainment: Do you like to laugh? Do you need someone for upcoming corporate event entertainment? Look no further because Don Friesen should be the natural choice.

Don Friesen is a clean performer who is perfect for any type of corporate event entertainment. Corporate event entertainment

Don Friesen works to include the audience with his style of corporate event entertainment. Don improvises throughout his show and makes the audience laugh with self-depreciating humor. He often mocks his own suburban lifestyle, supplemented by priceless expressions. Corporate event entertainment can be funny again with Don Friesen.

Prior to working the corporate event entertainment circuit, Don attended the University of Southern California (USC).  Don founded a campus improv troupe called Commedus Interruptus. The group still performs today. After USC, Don went on to win the San Francisco International Comedy Competition—twice. Don has had the opportunity to perform in front of large audiences other than for corporate event entertainment. Comedy Central hosted “Live at Gotham,” which Don performed at in 2009.

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Corporate Event Entertainment Spotlight On…De’Anna Nunez

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Corporate event entertainment: Success is mind over matter. Hypnoses De’Anna Nunez will help others find success and laughter using her unique talent.

Hypnosis De’Anna Nunez is a great alternative to the traditional type of corporate event entertainment! corporate event entertainment

Corporate event entertainment performer De’Anna Nunez is known as the “HypnoChick.” De’Anna wholeheartedly believes in the power of hypnosis. She uses hypnosis to help people get the body they want through her “Mind, Body, and Fit Club,” and the live they want through empowerment workshops. Many of those who have been hypnotized by her have success stories, which are shared on her website. De’Anna can help to motivate employees with her form of corporate event entertainment. She has a great deal of energy and personal charisma that will magnetize audiences of corporate event entertainment.  With De’Anna’s help, people can step out of their comfort zone.

De’Anna is a certified clinical hypno-therapist. Companies wishing to book her for corporate event entertainment can do so online.

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Corporate Entertainment – Spotlight Section

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Corporate entertainment is a very unique facet of the live entertainment world that presents it’s own set of challenges for both the client and the performer.  The client must find entertainment that does not offend or embarrass anyone in the audience, yet is still genuinely funny.  Considering the tension, misdirection, and extreme situations that create laughs, that’s a tall order.  And often the event planner must find different entertainment of this kind and caliber year after year after year.  The event may change theme, city, and goals, but unlike a college or Las Vegas show, the audience stays the same.

The question I hear again and again from corporate entertainment event producers– this was great, but now what am I going to do for next year??

In my career to date I’ve come across several performers who solve this problem for event planners and production companies.  These are performers you can count on to knock it out of the park night in and night out!

I’d like to turn the spotlight on some pros in the corporate entertainment market that will give you that guaranteed home run at next year’s event.

Spotlight On… Clean Comedian Nick Anthony!

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Clean comedian Nicholas Anthony is someone to check out! “High-Energy / Heady” Clean ComedianNicholas Anthony’s curious mind takes random situations and twists them into comedic gems. With his quick, candid delivery he creates a fun-house ride audiences never forget.

Clean Comedian Nicholas received 1st place at the coveted Las Vegas Comedy Festival and has been on 2 season’s of NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

Nick Anthony’s Credits Include:
– 1st Place Winner at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival
– 2 Seasons of NBC’s Last Comic Standing
– OVER 3000 Professional Performances
– AMAZED! @ The Planet Hollywood Hotel – Las Vegas
– Seattle International Comedy Competition
– LAUGH Detroit Comedy Festival
– San Francisco International Comedy Competition
– World Series of Comedy – Las Vegas
– Charleston Comedy Festival
– Laughing Skull Comedy Festival – Atlanta
– Performed for the troops in Iraq
– HULU’s Comedy Time


He has also opened for comedians including Norm MacDonald, Robert Schimmel, Todd Barry, Brad Garrett, Frank Caliendo, Sinbad, Louie Anderson, David Allen Grier, and Arsenio Hall.

Finding a clean comedian is hard but there is something always something for everyone!

Corporate Event Entertainment Spotlight On…David Morgan

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Corporate event entertainment: David Morgan puts a unique spin on entertainment with his sidekick “Chucky.”

Corporate even entertainment takes on a new element with entertainer David Morgan. corporate event entertainment

Many entertainers have assistants or partners. David does too, but his sidekick is a duck named “Chucky.” Chucky is a puppet that David uses in his shows, including corporate event entertainment. The pair create a show that is great for audiences of all ages. The show is hilarious with their own type of “duck spun” humor. Audience members enjoy the participation element of the corporate event entertainment as it gives them a chance to engage with entertainer and Chucky. David and Chucky have traveled across the world to perform for cruise ships, comedy clubs, and corporate event entertainment. This type of corporate event entertainment will leave audiences with smiles on their faces and fond memories of Chucky the duck.


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Corporate Entertainment Spotlight… Tim Gabrielson

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Corporate entertainment is Tim Gabrielson’s specialty! He is just plain funny. Period. From his facial expressions to pulling a $100 bill out of a tomato, Gabrielson delivers a Corporate Entertainmentperformance of nearly 100%, non-stop laughter.

A winning corporate entertainment experience is hard to gauge…some say it’s by applause, others by audience interaction.

Regardless of the measurement, inspirational Keynote speaker, author and comedic magician Tim Gabrielson takes his audience on a captivating adventure every time he steps on stage.


Using quick wit, interactive magic and a playful spirit to connect with his audience, Tim focuses on his underlying theme of “keeping it funny” and helps audiences choose to live positively, as he takes them on his comedic journey. He masterfully weaves his uplifting message throughout his presentation and leaves the audience thoroughly entertained, enlivened, and inspired.

Recent testimonials from Carlson Companies who said, “Tim Gabrielson is all you need to make your event a huge success” and Jostens who exclaimed, “Our Conference was a success the minute Tim took the stage” are true testaments of how great Tim is in person.

He is truly corporate entertainment at it’s finest!

Corporate Event Entertainment Spotlight On…Danny Cole

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Corporate Event Entertainment: The world of magic has taken notice of Danny Cole and his talent.

Hire only the best for your next corporate event entertainment need—Danny Cole, “Stage Magician of the Year.” corporate event entertainment

Danny Cole is young, but does not let his age drag him down. He is well known in both the magic community and corporate event entertainment circuit. Danny is undoubtedly talented and has accolades to support it. He has been voted “Stage Magician of the Year” not once, but twice by members of the Magic Castle in Hollywood. In addition to performing for corporate event entertainment, he has also appeared on television. He was a featured performed on Lance Burton’s network special. Danny has also had the opportunity to work with other magic, including corporate event entertainment magicians, as a consultant. In doing so, he has helped to create magic shows for other performers and thereby extending his impact on corporate event entertainment.

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Corporate Event Entertainment Spotlight On…Dan Riley

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Corporate event entertainment comes in many different forms including stage performances, comedians, inspirational speakers, and music.

Dan Riley is a man of many talents that lend themselves to superb corporate event entertainment.  Corporate Event Entertainment

Picking an act for corporate event entertainment can be tricky. For one, corporate event entertainment should never be boring. Dan Riley is not boring. Dan Riley has depth that many corporate event entertainment performers lack. Dan is a seasoned singer, instrumentalist, and comedian. He has had the opportunity to share his talent with people across the country. He has performed at conventions, on cruise lines, and as the headlining act in theaters.  His natural charm allows him to immediately and easily connect with audience members. In addition to tailoring his act to each corporate event entertainment performance, Dan offers two signature shows: “I’m a Boomer, Baby!” and “Roy Orbison – The Tribute.”

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Clean Comedian and Magician…Dennis Watkins!

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Clean ComedianClean comedian and magician Dennis Watkins has tricks up his sleeve that will blow your mind. He developed his skill under his grandfather’s training, learning everything he could about close-up magic. He has gone on to become an award-winning entertainer with accolades from the Texas Association of Magicians, the Society of American Magicians, and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Having obtained a degree in theater from SMU and the British American Drama Academy in London, Dennis Watkins gained valuable stage experience that allowed him to become the successful clean comedian and magician he is today.

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Corporate Entertainer Spotlight – Jason Hewlett!

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Corporate entertainer Jason Hewlett has what it takes, and sometimes it takes someone who can wear many hats to be a skilled corporate entertainer.

Luckily, this corporate entertainer is a man with many characters.

Jim Carrey, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Louie Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Ricky Martin, Cat Stevens, The Temptations, U2, Guns n’ Roses, Coldplay, and Alvin & The Chipmunks are just a few of the performers to take the stage during the unforgettable one-man show of Jason Hewlett, The Entertainer. Audiences Coast-to-Coast have thrilled at the creativity, hilarious impersonations, touching portrayals, and nostalgia of this one of a kind impressionist/musician/humorist and corporate entertainer.

Jason was born in Salt Lake City, UT in 1978. His first show was in front of his 3rd Grade class where his teacher promised him some time to perform at the end of the day if he’d remain quiet until then. When his chance arrived, Jason went to the front of the classroom as his favorite TV character, Pee Wee Herman, and as his classmates roared with laughter, Jason was hooked with the performing bug. Corporate Entertainer

Jason graduated as an Honor Roll student and Student Body President from The Waterford School in Sandy, UT, in 1997. Jason received All-State Honors for his contributions on the school’s basketball team and had plans to play in College until one of his heroes, Coach Tony Ingle of BYU, noticed Jason’s ability to captivate an audience with his humor and impressions. Coach Ingle suggested Jason work on his talents and was introduced to D. Chris Poulos, former manager of the successful folk singing group, The 3D’s. Chris helped Jason hone his impressions into a show and Jason began working throughout Utah performing at parties and beauty pageants to rave reviews. It wasn’t long before Jason’s father, John, helped Jason contact the right people to get an audition for the Las Vegas “Legends In Concert”, the ‘Mecca’ for great impersonators.Jason began work for “Legends In Concert” as Ricky Martin in Myrtle Beach, SC, in 2001. Soon thereafter he also became Elton John for the touring show. In 2002 Jason opened the Philadelphia, PA “Legends In Concert” show as Elton John and returned later in the same show as Ricky Martin, confusing audience members throughout the Country that one performer could portray two characters that looked and sounded completely different, but also making it clear he had more than one persona he could become.

In 2002 Jason decided to close the chapter on his “Legends In Concert” experience and begin focusing on his one-man show for Corporate America. Since then Jason has maintained an unprecedented climb up the “corporate ladder” as an independent, one-man show corporate entertainer under the business name Jason Hewlett Entertainment. Jason also added to his credentials “Keynote Speaker” after joining NSA (National Speaker’s Association), and sharing his experiences of dreams and goals while mixing in his favorite segments of his one-man show as a Speaker at numerous conventions.

Jason’s goal as an corporate entertainer continues to be the same as when he began: Pursue the Entertainment Business, make others smile, and fill the world with humor and entertainment the whole family can enjoy together.

Jason’s show is ideal for the Annual Corporate Convention, a private gathering, and many other types of business functions, as each show is customized to the company’s desires. Jason would be thrilled to hear from you about performing for your next event.

Corporate Entertainment Spotlight On… Musical Artist Preston Pugmire!

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Corporate Entertainment is a specialized field, and finding musicians who are both skilled and interactive enough to fulfill that role is not an easy task.

As a prime example of a corporate entertainment musician check out Preston Pugmire.

Preston Pugmire is one of the most unique musical artists working today.  I first shared the stage with Preston at the 2010 National Association of Campus Activities conference in Pennsylvania.  Since that time he has exploded on to the college market, quickly becoming one of the most popular acts to bring to your campus. Corporate Entertainment

Beats, guitars, bass, vocals. How can all these sounds be generated by just one guy?  For the last 4 years, Preston Pugmire has been entertaining audiences all over the US with his looping performance.

Electronic floor pedals allow Preston to record anything he plays live, and then layer multiple sounds on top of it, creating an entire song from scratch.  He does this right in front of the crowd while keeping them completely engaged and involved.

Preston has won several musical contests and garnered a lot of support.  Much of his corporate entertainment success is a result of his clean, high energy act, ability to connect with an audience, and how easy it is to work with him on a personal level.

With recognizable covers and instantly lovable original songs, Preston’s show is amazing and captivating whether you’ve seen him one time or ten.  It is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  Preston hit the college circuit in 2010 and has fast become the most popular music artist on the circuit nationwide

I’ve worked with Preston not only as college entertainment, but also as corporate entertainment… most recently in December of 2011 at a large-scale holiday party in Salt Lake City.

Corporate Event Entertainment Spotlight On…Derek Selinger

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Corporate event entertainment: Derek Selinger has been speaking in front of audiences since the age of 15. With over ten years of experience in corporate event entertainment, Derek is a natural choice for any upcoming events.

Derek not only does corporate event entertainment, but also is a captivating motivational speaker! Corporate Event Entertainment

Derek applies his life experiences to the way he approaches life and incorporates his lessons into corporate event entertainment presentations. He realizes that life is a gift and so aims to live life to the fullest. He realized this at the young age of eight when he discovered that his mom was electrocuted when she was pregnant with him. Derek hopes to share his passion for life with others and does so through motivational speaking and corporate event entertainment. He is a popular choice for corporate event entertainment in five continents! Derek is also the recipient of six international awards, as a result of his exceptional corporate event entertainment presentations.


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