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Emcee for Caesars Entertainment’s 5th Annual “Battle of the Bras” for American Cancer Society

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In my role as a Headliner at Caesars Entertainment’s newest property, The Linq Hotel & Casino, I get to host a lot of fun events… A lot of really fun events.  This one may top them all!   The Battle of the Bras for American Cancer Society is a completely ridiculous, yet highly effective, fundraising event where all the different Caesars departments, property teams, shows, etc. design and build a custom bra, then select someone to model it on the runway to try to bring in as much money as possible through a live auction.

I hosted the event, which meant introducing everyone of course, but also served as the auctioneer.  We raised $50,000 for breast cancer research!  I’d like to think that a few thousand of those dollars were directly related to my auctioneering / peer pressuring skills!


What the what??

What the What??


That’s My GM!  Christian Stuart, General Manager of The Linq Hotel & Casino

That’s My GM!  Christian Stuart, General Manager of The Linq Hotel & Casino


This ridiculousness raised $50,000 for breast cancer research!

This Ridiculousness Raised $50,000 for American Cancer Society!


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