The Earliest Signs of My Carnie Future

By April 12, 2008 May 16th, 2012 *Jeff's Journal

I asked my Dad for the earliest pictures he had of me juggling.  He combed through the old family albums, and here’s what he found..

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  • Teen says:

    Memory lane! I love the one where it looks like JOHN is the real juggler in the family . . . and I remember the one at the shore . . . didn’t we have to tell you to knock it off eventually? Also glad that your pecs are now bigger than your HAIR . . . a nice reversal!

  • Gina says:

    So cute! Love the one of you unicycling in the kitchen.

  • Tim says:

    An over night success story! :) This was fun… one of the best posts yet. “FeyisI leisove feyisit! –

  • Drunk Ryan & ANna says:

    You were born to hold balls!!! you ar e the best jeff. Wish you were sharing some wine and internet access with us… Later

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