Jeff Civillico performed his first 60-minute show at the age of 14 for Don Guanella Village, a home for developmentally disabled boys and men.  This show was part of a self-structured service project his freshman year at St. Joseph’s Prep high school in Philadelphia.  Jeff was so moved by the gratitude shown by recipients of these performances – audience and staff alike – that from that moment on, he was hooked!  Jeff created a juggling club in high school that went on to perform at hospitals and nursing homes all over Philadelphia for the next 4 years.  Jeff took his love for performing and giving back to Georgetown University during his college years where he went on to perform for countless charities and community organizations (DC Schools Project, Best Buddies, Big Brothers Big Sisters, etc.).

So it was only fitting that when Jeff moved to Vegas in 2010, he would continue performing charity shows and giving back to the community.  15+ years after that first show at Don Guanella Village, Jeff’s performing platforms have gotten bigger, his reach has gotten much broader, but his love for giving back has always remained the same.


Win-Win Entertainment

winwinlogo_finWin-Win Entertainment is a legal 501c3 nonprofit that Jeff founded in 2011 which connects performers and charities in Las Vegas.  Win-Win puts performers into direct service in the Las Vegas community, arranging shows in hospital rooms, senior care facilities, special needs facilities, USO air force bases, and more.  Jeff currently serves as Chairman of Win-Win Entertainment.  The organization has surged in growth since its inception, and is responsible for arranging 220+ charity events in 2015.   

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Give Back Sundays

gbslogo_fin“Give Back Sundays” is a community partnership day at Jeff Civillico’s Comedy In Action show at The Flamingo where 1 designated nonprofit or local community organization is offered the opportunity to bring their organization to the show each Sunday at a special reduced rate, and receive 50% of ticket sales generated by that organization back to them. Since Jeff launched this program in November 2014, “Give Back Sundays” has generated thousands of dollars for local nonprofits including Three Square Food Bank, Aspergers Training, Employment & Life Skills, Spread the Word Nevada, Trauma Intervention Program, Create a Change Now, Miracle League, Little Miss Hannah Foundation, and Toys 4 Smiles. Jeff’s next goal is to raise $50,000+ for local community organizations in 2016!

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Jeff Civillico Foundation

The Jeff Civillico Foundation seeks to entertain, inspire, and mentor youth in Las Vegas and beyond through shows, keynote presentations and interactive workshops. By harnessing the power of the entertainment industry and various performing arts initiatives in Las Vegas, the Foundation will focus on developing career services for at-risk youth, and teaching youth how to pursue their passion. Jeff is working on setting up a charity division of his popular Showbiz Academy summer program through his Foundation. IRS status is currently pending. Jeff is targeting summer 2016 as the public launch for his Foundation.