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What Is Showbiz Academy?

Showbiz Academy is a unique experience in Las Vegas for high school students interested in learning about the creative and business aspects of show business from top Las Vegas entertainment professionals. This masterclass is broken up into various parts – improv / stage presence training, performing arts with acting, singing, music, dance, magic, juggling, and other variety arts.  At Showbiz Academy, students get to work directly with major industry players in Las Vegas.

Who Should Enroll?

Showbiz Academy is the perfect opportunity for any student who wants to:

  1. Learn more about any aspect of variety entertainment and / or the performing arts – theater, entertainment, comedy, improv, performing, singing, dancing, magic, juggling, public speaking, entertainment management, or production.
  2. Add a unique experience only offered in Las Vegas to his or her college application.  Availability is limited.
  3. Build his or her confidence by learning new skills, and trying new activities.
  4. Do something active.
  5. Meet and engage with other local teenagers.

Who Is Eligible?

Showbiz Academy is intended for ages 14-17.  Special consideration will be made for qualified students outside of this age range pending approval. Contact us for approval.

*Please note: Students outside of Las Vegas are more than welcome to attend!

Why Was Showbiz Academy Created?

Jeff Civillico created Showbiz Academy in response to the numerous questions he receives from children and parents alike about his own professional journey.  Everyone seems to want to know how to break into “the business.”  And while there is no clearcut path to any entertainment or performing arts career, there is a lot you can learn about the industry, and steps you can take now to position yourself on the right track.

What Does Each Student Receive?

  1. Private Performances, Question & Answer Sessions, and Career Discussions with Las Vegas Headliner Jeff Civillico and Nationally Recognized Keynote Speaker / Entertainer Tim Gabrielson
  2. Full-Day Improv Comedy Workshop by Vegas Theatre Hub
  3. Instructional Magic Kit
  4. Instructional Juggling Kit Including 3 Juggling Balls, Jeff Civillico’s Learn to Juggle in 60 Minutes DVD.
  5. Inspirational Book Life Choices: Pursuing Your Passion (Jeff Civillico)
  6. Showbiz Camp T-shirt
  7. Lunch on Full Days (Friday and Saturday)

What Is the Value?

The value of this experience is quite literally priceless. Never before has there been this many top Las Vegas entertainment professionals brought together at one time with the sole intent of sharing their knowledge and experience with the children of our community. Many people and even performers have lived in Las Vegas for years and not had access to the level of talent that will be highlighted and featured at Showbiz Academy, let alone had the opportunity to meet them, interact with them, and learn from them. Showbiz Academy was designed to foster love, awareness, and knowledge of the entertainment industry in our own youth community in a safe, supportive environment.

Sample Agenda From Previous Showbiz Academy

Day 1 – 9am – 3pm.
“Comedy, Improvisation, & Performance Skills”

9:00am: Welcome / Warm-up
9:15am: Building Ensemble
12:00pm: Lunch
12:30pm: Performance Improv
3:00pm: End of Day

Day 2 – 9am – 3pm.
“Performing Arts” (Acting, Singing, Music, Dance – Choose 2 of 4)

9:00am: Specialty #1 (Your Choice) – Audition Workshop
10:15am: Specialty #1 (Your Choice) – Career Talk / Q & A
11:45am: Lunch
12:30pm: Specialty #2 (Your Choice) – Audition Workshop
1:45pm: Specialty #2 (Your Choice) – Career Talk / Q & A
3:00pm: End of day

Day 3 – 12pm – 4pm.
“Variety Arts” (Magic, Juggling)

12:00pm: Welcome / Warm-up
12:15pm: Magic Show
12:45pm: Question & Answer Session / Career Talk
1:00pm: Break
1:15pm: Magic lesson (rope tricks, card tricks)
2:00pm: Jeff Civillico show
2:30pm: Jeff Civillico Question & Answer Session / Career Talk
3:00pm: Juggling Lesson (Scarves and beanbags)
3:45pm: Wrap
4:00pm: End of Day

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Students Supervised?

Students are supervised from when they arrive at the venue to the time they leave / are picked up by an authorized guardian.  Students are supervised at all times during Showbiz Academy workshops, activities, and meals. We maintain a maximum staff to student ratio of 1:10.

How Much Individual Attention Will Students Receive?

The entire group of students will be together for performances in the theater space at the venue, harnessing the fantastic energy created from a large audience.  For the specialty tracks, students will be subdivided into smaller groups according to age / experience.

How Do You Handle Students with Dietary Restrictions / Food Allergies?

If an Academy student has medical dietary restrictions or food allergies please indicate that information in the space provided on the registration form. If necessary, we will contact you directly to discuss your needs in detail.  Although lunch is provided on full days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), students are of course welcome to bring their own lunch.

Can Someone Else Pick Up an Academy Student at the End of the Day?

You may authorize others to be added to your child’s sign-out list; if a person is so authorized, we will release your child to them at sign-out. This authorization must be done in writing. Showbiz Academy cannot accept sign-out authorizations over the phone. You can always add to your child’s authorization form by completing a form for additional authorized persons onsite during registration.

What Should Academy Students Wear?

Each student should wear comfortable clothes and soft-soled sneakers.  No jeans, flip-flops, sandals, heels or platform shoes are allowed.

Are Parents Allowed To Sit In and Watch?

In order to provide an environment for creative expression among the Academy students and instructors, parents are not permitted to watch any classes, workshops, or performances at Showbiz Academy.  Parents of Academy students are encouraged, however, to attend the 7pm show on Thursday evening.

Showbiz Academy is Coming Back!
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