Virtual Hosting

Everyone in the meetings and events industry is talking about how to create impactful virtual experiences right now, and for good reason.  While no one knows when in-person live events will be back in full swing, we do know this: virtual meetings are happening now, virtual meetings will be happening for the foreseeable future, and virtual meetings might well continue being a viable alternative option to in-person meetings for the longterm.  So… LET’S GO VIRTUAL :)

“Jeff hosted our virtual graduation and awards, and he was AWESOME!  He took all the worry out of this event for me and made everything run smoothly.  His improv with our folks was so funny!  He was so entertaining!  Chris Johnston with Truthful Studio was wonderful as well, handling all of the spotlighting and muting and technical aspects of the event.  Having them plan and run the event, take care of the invitations and the technical side was so relieving!  I would never have been able to do this by myself.  Jeff and Chris made the perfect pair to keep our event running like clockwork.  Thank you again for everything, Jeff!”

~ Karen Berman, Chair & Artistic Director, Department of Theater and Dance, Georgia College


Why You Need a Virtual Host

A traditional in-person meeting presents challenges in bringing people together from all over the country or even the world to connect with each other, to network, to learn, to engage.  Now think about how much MORE difficult those challenges will no doubt surely be for a virtual meeting.  It’s going to be more difficult to get and keep attendees’ attention.  It’s going to be more difficult to get attendees to engage with presenters.  It’s going to be more difficult to get attendees to engage with each other.  Bottom line: it’s going to be more difficult to pull all the different event elements together to create a cohesive conference experience that is unique, engaging, and impactful.
Now think about what a good host does.  A good host brings attendees together, engages the audience, keeps the energy up, segues from one presenter to the next, fills in the gaps, adds insights, levity, value.  There’s an argument to be made that a Virtual Host is even more important to a Virtual Meeting, than a Live Host is to a Live Meeting because the virtual format makes all of these duties that much more important.  The virtual format heightens the role of a Conference Host.  An experienced, confident, professional Emcee goes from being a nice add-on feature to your conference, to being ESSENTIAL to the success of your meeting.

Why You Need Jeff Civillico To Be Your Virtual Host

  1. Jeff has A LOT of experience hosting live events.  Why does this matter?   All of the same skills that are required to host live events will be required to host virtual events.  Your host needs to be smart, quick on his or her feet, able to segue smoothly between speakers and programs, and most importantly for the virtual medium— your host must be HIGH ENERGY and ENGAGING.  We all know that it will be much more difficult to command attention through a computer screen.
  2. Jeff has extensive Television and On-Camera experience.  Jeff is already known in the corporate industry as a “Double Threat Emcee” with an equal skill level on-stage and on-camera.  View 100+ examples in Jeff’s “Video Vault.”  *Password-protected for potential clients only.
  3. Jeff is tech savvy.  There’s a reason why Jeff’s portfolio is full of past technology clients: AT&T, AT&T Business, Avast, Centrify, Cisco, Emerson Global, Equinix, Fluke Networks, Image Technologies Corp, iModules, Internet Marketing Association, Lightwave Telecom, Netscout, Neustar, Powerschool User Group, Sprint, Vistex, Workday, Workfront, World Wide Technologies, Xactware, and many others.  Jeff’s transition to the virtual space will be seamless.  He’s comfortable on LiveStream platforms like Zoom, Facebook and Instagram Live, Streamyard, BLive, etc.
  4. Jeff has an established production partnership with Truthful Studio in Las Vegas.  Jeff has been working with Truthful Studio for years now to produce corporate videos.  He is ready to go NOW for ALL filming or streaming needs you may have: livestream broadcasts / conferences, internal events, external events, panels, interviews, game shows, webcasts, team-building workshops, webinars, etc.
  5. Jeff understands what it means to adapt to new realities, to PIVOT.  Jeff’s signature keynote is literally called “The Power of the Pivot.”  Jeff understands that in addition to having the right skills and tools, this transition to virtual is as much about having the right mindset, attitude and energy.
Let’s embrace this next chapter together!

Jeff’s Extensive On-Camera Experience Makes Him the Ideal Virtual Host

Option #1 Jeff Travels To Your Production Facility

Jeff is happy to travel to your production facility!  He takes direction well, and he’s extremely easy to work with.

Here are Just a Few Testimonials from Jeff’s Past Video Production Work…

“In addition to working on a live corporate event together, I had the opportunity to direct Jeff in a series of corporate videos to support the event.  Jeff brings an incredible work ethic to each job, as well as a real commitment to the success of the team he’s supporting as well as the event itself.   He is hard working, incredibly talented and always open to direction.  After working with Jeff I don’t believe I’d hire anyone else.  He’s the consummate professional.”
– Stephen Pruitt, Owner, Mountain View Production Group

“Jeff conducted video interviews with our attendees at our annual company conference, and they LOVED him! He is very engaging and made our clients laugh, which helped them to relax and enjoy their time in front of the camera. His team was a pleasure to work with and he was very flexible with our requests!”
– Susan Scholes, SVP of Marketing, iModules

“Jeff is a delight to work with and brings charisma and energy to everything he does. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff Civillico as a host, an entertainer and as a class-act person.”
– Mary Beth Sewald, President, Nevada Broadcasters Association

Option #2 Jeff Films / Streams from Truthful Studio in Las Vegas

Jeff Civillico partners with Truthful Studio in Las Vegas for all his production needs.  From pre-recorded corporate communication to switched, multi-camera livestreams, Truthful Studio can do it all.  With Jeff hosting and Truthful Studio producing, your message can be delivered to your audience worldwide quickly, easily, and affordably.

Pre-Recorded Sample 1 (EO Xcentric)

Pre-Recorded Sample 2 (FedEx Office)

Truthful Studio has all the equipment to film / stream your next corporate meeting or conference:

  • Full studio space configured to your needs
  • Three 4K cameras (Panasonic GH5s)
  • Zeiss CP3 cinema lenses and Canon lenses
  • Two Lightpanel softboxes and Lightpanel 6x
  • All bicolor, AC/DC, LED lighting
  • Kinotehnik Practilite 600 and 602
  • C-Stands, lighting control kit, 4×4 scrims, and 4×8 floppy cutter
  • Three wireless Sony Microphones
  • Two Tascam portable recorder lavaliers
  • Boom microphone
  • Zoom F4 6-track recorder

More importantly, Truthful Studio has all the expertise to film / stream your next corporate meeting or conference!  A fully edited, color graded and audio mixed program video can be made available to you within hours of your event. For more information, please email Jeff Civillico’s office.